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Adam Schiff’s Election Rival Thanks Him For Helping Re-Elect President Trump

Late last year, California Rep. Adam Schiff spearheaded the failed impeachment probe into President Donald Trump over hie controversial call with the Ukrainian president.

And his effort to remove Trump might be coming back to bite.

On Friday, Schiff’s GOP challenger, Eric Early, published his latest campaign ad against the California incumbent, ultimately thanking him for his efforts in helping spike Trump’s approval.

“Republicans in California thank you for helping them re-elect President Trump,” Early said in the ad. “Now that you’re finished, voters deserve somebody that will fight for them, instead of fighting for the limelight.”


Just out today – see our new t.v. commercial here “thanking” the sanctimonious Schiff for (inadvertently) helping to re-elect President Trump thanks to Schiff’s outrageous and scandalous impeachment proceedings in which Schiff repeatedly made a total fool of himself. And while we’re at it, Schiff should also be thanked for destroying Biden in the process. That takes talent.Hope you like the new commercial!To Donate:

Posted by Eric Early on Saturday, February 22, 2020


Early also hit Schiff hard during a recent Fox News interview, saying that “Adam Schiff walks around acting like he’s this brilliant genius who’s smarter than the rest of us. Yet this so-called genius managed to not only help increase President Trump’s approval ratings but also helped destroy Joe Biden in the process.”

“That takes some serious talent. Of course, that was not the result that Adam Schiff wanted,” he concluded.

This ad is going to air in California during the GOP primary, ending on March 3.

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