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Report: Taxpayers Will Pay $97,500,000,000,000 To Implement All Of Bernie Sanders’ Plans

Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders has been grilled on numerous occasions about how much his ambitious plans would cost should he be elected president — and he’s yet to provide a realistic answer about the projected costs.

Well, the calculations have been done and the results are staggering.

In order to implement Sanders’ policy proposals, American taxpayers would likely wind up $97.5 trillion in the hole according to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal — nearly four times the current national debt.

Let’s break it down.

First, there’s his Medicare For All plan. Despite the problematic proposal kicking over 140 million Americans off their current plan, it will take serious funding to implement. Sanders admitted that it will take “somewhere between $30 and $40 trillion over a 10-year period.”

Several Democratic presidential candidates have actually lambasted the idea, with Sen. Amy Klobuchar recently saying that it simply won’t be implemented because the congressional support isn’t there. So, even if Bernie were elected on the promise of free healthcare for all — and had a Democrat supermajority — it would likely never come to fruition.

Second, the climate plan. According to Sanders, “Climate change is a global emergency” and he is supporting the controversial New Green Deal to deal with the issue.

The cost? A cool $16.3 trillion over ten years — and it’s ten years because he claims that we only have about a decade to transform the energy system “if we are going to leave this planet healthy and habitable for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and future generations.”

Third is his guaranteed job plan, which many Americans aren’t actually aware of. This proposal is expected to cost around $30.1 trillion and it looks to ensure “that everyone is guaranteed a stable job that pays a living wage ($15/hr).”

Finally, the smaller line-items. Well, they’re not exactly small. The last $11.1 trillion includes the free college proposal, which costs $3 trillion. Social Security expansion will cost $1.8 trillion, additional housing will be $2.5 trillion, paid family leave will cost $1.6 trillion, and infrastructure will rack up another trillion dollars.

The two plans under one trillion dollars are K-12 education spending and increased public school teacher salaries, at $800 billion and $400 billion respectively.

It’s painfully obvious why Sanders refuses to divulge information about the total cost of his plans, as it’s completely unreasonable, irrational, and preys on the emotions of millions of Americans.

Sanders says he “can’t rattle off … every nickel and every dime” — and now we know why.

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