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Black Georgia State Trooper To Protesters: ‘I Only Kneel For One Person… That’s God’

A Georgia state trooper is going viral this week after a video of him telling protesters that he won’t kneel to anyone but God made the rounds across the internet.

The video, which has garnered millions of views in a short amount of time, comes in the wake of violent and deadly riots that struck a number of U.S. cities after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer who has since been charged with 2nd degree murder.

Trooper O’Neal Saddler had the exchange with protesters after a number of Democratic lawmakers and police officers across the country have been seen in photographs and videos kneeling before Black Lives Matter protesters, presumably as a show of respect for their cause.

But Saddler made clear that he’s not into kneeling before his fellow man — if he kneels it will only be to God. The exchange apparently came after one of the protesters in the crowd questioned whether or not he respected the BLM movement.

“If I didn’t have any respect, I wouldn’t [be here],” Saddler told the crowd of protesters. “I was supposed to be out of town this weekend with my wife. I took off today, this weekend, but I’m out here to make sure y’all are safe.”

“Don’t go there, with respect, okay? I have much respect, but I only kneel for one person,” he added.

“And that’s God,” a demonstrator interjected.

That’s “God,” Saddler replied.

You can view the exchange Saddler had with the protesters in the video below, which is currently going viral across Twitter.

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