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Judge Judy Torches Bernie Sanders And His Supporters: ‘I’ll Fight Them To The Death’

Television icon Judge Judy is willing to fight tooth and nail against the likes of Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders should he be the nominee. She will also go after his supporters, who have been deemed “Bernie Bros.”

“I’ll fight them to the death,” the judge said earlier this week, according to the Daily Mail.

“America doesn’t need a revolution. It’s the most perfect country in the world, and those people that are trying to change it and revolutionize it don’t have a chance, because I’ll fight them to the death,” she added.

Her comments show the chaotic divide within the Democratic party, as she’s supporting presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. It’s almost as if she feels more strongly about keeping Bernie out of the White House than President Donald Trump despite being a Democrat herself.

Judge Judy said that Bloomberg “understands how to tweak the things that are wrong with America,” according to KOKH FOX 25.

“America’s in trouble. Everybody’s angry, polarized, and it will continue to be polarized unless you have a president who has no agenda other than to do the right thing for the people that he represents,” she continued. “Mike Bloomberg is not an ideologue. He’s a doer. He sees a problem, he understands that if you have … a solid education as a youngster and as you grow you’ll have the tools to make it.”

“Mike and I are the products of an American dream,” Judge Judy concluded.

The former New York City mayor took great delight in her endorsement, saying, “Don’t get on the wrong side of the judge, that’s the message.”



  1. Don

    February 25, 2020 at 11:44 am

    ROFLMAO….she supports Bloomberg who couldn’t run a city let alone a country. She can’t seem to grasp and neither can Bloomberg that both are seniors and Bloomie has stated “let the elderly die.” So, you two first.

  2. Val Barry

    February 29, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    This woman made her fortune preying on poor, uneducated people. Of course she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong in this country. Do you know how they find people for the show? They scrummage through small claims files in all counties across the country to find the most controversial claims then they send people letters and call them, pester them until they accept to be on the show. All that so she can get rich by humiliating the heck out of everybody. Her American dream realization looks more like the Hunger Games.

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