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Lawyer Files $20,000,000,000,000 Class-Action Lawsuit Against China For COVID-19 Spread

Lawyer Larry Klayman, who heads up the Freedom Watch group, has filed a $20 trillion class-action lawsuit against China, according to CBS.

He claims that the novel coronavirus did not naturally originate with horseshoe bats, but was made in a Chinese laboratory and used as a biological weapon — accidental or not.

“Although it appears that the COVID-19 virus was released at an unplanned, unexpected time, it was prepared and stockpiled as a biological weapon to be used against China’s perceived enemies, including by not limited to the people of the United States,” the federal court complaint reads.

Klayman jumped into this lawsuit alongside Buzz Photos, a photography firm in Texas that takes pictures of students and athletes. With schools being closed and sporting events cancelled, the company is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, having lost $50,000 in revenue in a single weekend alone.

“There is no reason why the American taxpayer should, contrary to the establishment in Washington, D.C., have to pay for the tremendous harm caused by the Chinese government,” Klayman stated. “The Chinese people are a good people, but their government is not and it must be made to pay dearly.”

Regardless of whether or not the theories are true — some researchers say COVID-19 is man-made and other say it’s not — China is going to be facing increased scrutiny from nations around the world as skepticism builds over their COVID-19 response.

In fact, some of the Wuhan residents themselves are skeptical of the official death tolls, saying they believe the count is more in the 42,000-47,000 range, per the Washington Examiner. China’s COVID-19 deaths currently sits at a little over 3,000.

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