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Opinion: America Will Fail If Term Limits Aren’t Enacted Right Freaking Now.

The Founding Fathers never envisioned a country where representing constituents, whether in a district or state, could become a “career.” If anything, it should be a sacrifice.

Let me paint a picture for you. Having worked in Washington D.C. as an intern many moons ago, I can tell you first-hand that being a congressman or woman is a life of luxury. Expensive, perfectly tailored clothing. Exquisite meals three times a day, every day. Staff that’s willing to meet your every need. A $174,000 salary and benefits through the roof. Being a big shot in arguably the most powerful city in the world.

It’s not just about retaining “power,” but keeping all the taxpayer-paid perks that come with it.

There are 535 kings in America and there is zero incentive for any of them to leave.

In the late-18th and 19the century, it was the complete opposite. A long, arduous trek was made to the capitol by representatives of the time, in which they left their family, home, and business.

But you know what? They got the job done. They worked long and hard to enact and protect freedoms and liberties that we are still benefiting from this very day.

It was a sacrifice.

Where is the sacrifice today? There is none and that’s not what was intended.

In order to restore what it means to represent Americans — because we’ve created a pompous utopia for our elected officials — term limits must be enacted.

The American people were supposed to be the term limits. We were supposed to kick out those that didn’t go to bat for the Constitution and the values that made America the greatest country in the history of the world.

We have failed at this responsibility, unfortunately. And it’s time something is done about it — not to help one party or another, but to ensure the original intent of a congressman or senator is fulfilled on a daily basis.

Term limits would be a message to every future representative: Don’t get comfortable in the high-life of the Washington D.C. atmosphere.

It’s time we stopped sacrificing for our elected officials and they start sacrificing for us.

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