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Opinion: Trump Must Shut Down Abortion Clinics Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing shutdowns all across the United States, with 200,000 affected worldwide and over 9,000 dead because of the coronavirus.

But the COVID-19 outbreak is merely a grain of sand in the ocean of a pandemic called abortion.

Over 61 million babies have been killed in America since the passing of the landmark Roe v. Wade case in 1973. That, my friends, is a pandemic of epic proportions.

We could talk for hours about what the abortion virus is attributed too, anything from deceit, debauchery, boundarylessness, rebellion, sin, etc — but that’s not why I’m writing this today.

I want to call upon President Donald Trump to take action against Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics in this very unique situation we find ourselves in.

Trump has proven to be one of the most pro-life presidents in American history and its time for him to declare that locations that boast these destructive, evil procedures be shuttered indefinitely for national safety reasons. They have exacerbated the rotting soul of our nation and the world — and they pose serious health risks with COVID-19 lurking about.

It’s time to take a timeout.

In the last month, the hot button topic has come up again as the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments regarding the legality of a 2014 Louisiana law that requires abortion clinics have hospital admitting privileges.

If the Supreme Court, now more conservative under the Trump administration, were to keep the law in place, abortion providers across the U.S. would be closing their doors. What a great opportunity for the Supreme Court to revisit the infamous Roe v. Wade case — which was built on deception, admitted by Norma McCorvey, or “Jane Roe,” herself.

McCorvey became a Christian and a pro-life activist in the years after the case. Basically, nearly everything has changed since 1973 and we have far more information on the damage caused to all parties involved in the life-snuffing process, along with how inhumane late-term abortions really are.

Abortion clinics have been a national health crisis for 40 years. It’s about time an unprecedented move was made and America reconsider the atrocities committed in the name of “choice.”

It’s never been about liberty, but license.

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