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President Trump Insists On Getting America ‘Back To Work’ During Coronavirus Briefing

At President Donald Trump’s Saturday afternoon Coronavirus Task Force briefing, he used part of his time speaking to warn of the dire consequences that America faces if we continue to leave the American working economy on the “off” switch.

With the temporarily disrupted and formerly booming stock market, job sector and overall economic prosperity fueling record gains across the country, Coronavirus all but took that to a grinding halt once governors around the nation issued stay-at-home orders and closed or partially closed nearly all “non-essential” businesses.

According to Mediaite, Trump made his message crystal clear on Saturday.

“We have to open our country again,” Trump said, multiple times. “We don’t want to be doing this for months and months and months.”

The shutdown of a number of industries that provided millions of Americans money to use for bills, like the restaurant and bar industry alone, have already caused unprecedented numbers of unemployment claims. Reportedly, many of those claims are going untouched or severely delayed, as the system is only meant to handle a fraction of the over 10 million claims filed in the past two weeks.

The president also insisted that sports, from little league to the professional level, prepare to be back on track for restarting sooner rather than later.

“We’re going to have to get back, we wanna get back soon, very soon,” the president said.

According to the latest reports, New York City — which by the numbers is the most affected area in the country with regard to Coronavirus infection and death, is expected to hit its apex by mid-April. However, other cities across the nation, such as New Orleans and Detroit, are predicted to be the country’s newest Coronavirus hotspots.

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