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San Diego Sheriff Defects From Gov. Gavin Newsom, Keeps Gun Stores Open Amid Pandemic

California has had some back-and-forth between pro-gun groups and the local/state government on whether gun stores are “essential” businesses that can stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Sheriff William “Bill” Gore of San Diego County is looking to stand with the Second Amendment over what the state of California has to say.

On Tuesday, Gore cited updated federal guidance by the Trump administration which allows firearm manufacturers and distributors to remain open, being marked as public safety.

“Sheriff Bill Gore said gun shops provide a ‘valuable public service’ during the coronavirus pandemic and will be allowed to remain open, even though they are not included in the state government’s list of ‘essential businesses,’” NBC 7 San Diego reported.

In the statement, Gore said that “county residents have a legitimate right to buy and possess guns,” even amid the nationwide coronavirus pandemic and “shelter-in-place” orders.

This order by the San Diego sheriff is completely opposite of what the Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva decided, opting to deem stores selling firearms “nonessential.”

“Gun shops, strip clubs, night clubs are non-essential businesses,” Villanueva told the Los Angeles Times. “If they don’t close their doors, they will be cited.”

There are currently over 180,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the U.S., with New York being the epicenter of the outbreak.

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