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Hispanic Man Who Left Democrat Party Thanks Trump For Helping Him Get Off Food Stamps

Despite his father’s deportation, along with being a former Democrat himself, Moses Flores credits President Donald Trump for his newfound independence and the thriving economy.

In an interview with Breitbart outside of the latest Trump rally in Las Vegas, he said he supports “everything Trump is doing.”

“The economy is getting better,” Flores told Breitbart outside of the Trump rally in Las Vegas. “I actually, I started off rough three years ago. I was on food stamps and Medicaid. Now, I get to say this is the second year I’m off food stamps and Medicaid, and I pay for my own insurance.”

“And you do think that Trump was the reason for that?” the interviewer asked.

“Yes,” Flores responded.

Additionally, Flores said that conservative activist Candace Owens opened his eyes and ultimately inspired him to leave the Democrat party.

He said Owens “talks about people of color — that they think they have to support Democrats, which we do not.”


“I don’t support racism. Yes, I’m just here to support the future of America and the future of my kids,” Flores said after mentioning that his wife was “cussed out” for showing support for Trump at her place of work.

He said the detractors called his wife “stupid” and “dumb.”

As for immigration, he mentioned that his father — who he doesn’t talk to — was deported for “a good reason,” clarifying that his father was “doing bad stuff, bringing drugs over here, and addicting the community.”

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