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U.N. Leader Claims COVID-19 Requires 10% Global Tax For ‘Coordinated Stimulus Package’

The socialists at the United Nations are trying to “spread the wealth” again, but this time in a way that would give them far too much power.

On Thursday, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres made it clear that nations need to pool absurd amounts of money together to help with the international effects the novel coronavirus has had on economies.

He called his plan “shared responsibility, global solidarity,” which would require — effectively — a double-digit tax on all nations, putting the U.N. in charge of a prospective 8.7 trillion dollars and about a tenth of the world economy.

That’s 2,900 times larger than their current budget of 3 billion — and that’s a lot of power.

One of the bullet points in the U.N.’s press release is as follows: “Advocate and support implementation of a human-centered, innovative and coordinated stimulus package reaching double-digit percentage points of the world’s gross domestic product.”

“Resist the temptation to resort to protectionist measures,” another said, following up with, “Take explicit measures to boost the economies of developing countries.”

Resisting protectionist measures? Like national governments trying to take care of its people during a crisis? Absolutely shameful by the United Nations to attempt the ultimate power grab amidst a worldwide pandemic.

President Donald Trump has slammed the U.N. on numerous occasions, pulling out from international agreements and U.N.-related actions.

Hopefully Trump won’t even think twice about telling them to get their socialist, world-government ideas out of town.

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